Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why do we lack in research?

This might be one of the reasons, why India lacks the research power.
Indian Express asked the human resource ministry, the reason why research proposal of a foreign scholar. You might not agree but topics like "Women’s struggle for empowerment" and "Prospects and problems of outsourcing for India’s economic growth" might have a sensitivity issue. These issues might even pose Strategic/Economic threat to the Republic of India.

Long live the bureaucracy. Long live the semi literate politicians.

Link to Indian Express


Pegasus said...

Prospects and problems of outsourcing for India’s economic growth

• Is tourism a win-win for local livelihoods and forest eco-systems in the Central highlands of India

• The Imaginary Princess: A Muslim girl’s story

• Language ideologies in Mumbai schools

• India’s energy security

• Women’s struggle for empowerment

• Democratization in Kerala

• Political Empowerment and Biodiversity in Kerala

• Politics of land privatisation and access in Delhi.

whats sensitive in this list....
I think it will be a good oprotunity to get some quality reports of these important issues without govt having to spend a commitee or pay hefty sums to consultants.

thoughts of a blank mind said...

its sensitive because these people don't want to give money to those who will not give them any money as bribe. Why give money to people who are not even going to vote for them!!