Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is another village joining the Naxals?

I have a kind request to Dr. Manmohan Singh to wake up and take a look into the things going on in name of progress. If we do not take care, it wont be too long before another part of India gets the Naxal link.

IBNLive Story

In one part of the story, they show how police arrested the whole village and made them to go to Puri. In the mean time the company erected a compound wall in the area. Police version of the story: They sent the villagers to puri on a holiday. I didn't know that Indian Police had a clause of sending people on sacred journeys.
Even a 5 year old kid can make out what's going on. But it seems whole bureaucratic system has closed its eyes to this part of the country. Someone please wake up.

When will this killing of tribal villages stop?


Pegasus said...

well more than 350 districts of the nation are being ruled by naxals

thoughts of a blank mind said...

and the govt. makes thousands plans to tackle naxals!!