Monday, April 02, 2007


There are not many state governments in India who can boast of surplus. In this kind of exchequer condition, who in his right mind, would want to give away land of millions of worth. I wonder why governments cry for empty exchequer and then start throwing away acres of land to millionaire industrialists. It won't matter much to them even if they have to kill a few people to snatch the land. The people who are living on that land and are supporting their families from the crops of that land should have first right on the land.
If the industrialist want to put up a plant of something then let them go and acquire the land at the market price.
Or in another situation govt. can go and buy the land from owners and then resell it to the industrialist. But in this situation the land owner should get option of rehabilitation or market price.
The land being grabbed in exchange of pennies a slap on this democracy and leading to plutocracy.

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Pegasus said...

good start :)
BTW i had sometime back expressed similar feelings in a very long blog post of mine.