Friday, July 20, 2007

Do you like Paan?

You heard of the vibrating ring and the moral police's reaction to it. Since Hindustan Latex couldn't earn much from that product, they have come with a new one. Now this one has got flavor of Paan.
The new product having flavor of betel leaf has been designed mostly for sex workers. The paan flavor was tested with the prototypes of chocolate, banana and strawberry. and guess what, paan flavored one topped the tests!!!

I am waiting for the reaction of our self appointed moral police. Lets see if they like to chew it or spit it!!


sree said...

oh those unscrupulous hyppocritical useless fellows..they wont protest when there is a valid issue that has to be fought for !

Ankur said...

actually i loved the post in ur google reader shared item much better... makes me smile

Amrita said...

hahahah! paan! they probably dont even know what a strawberry is so i'm not surprised