Sunday, July 29, 2007

China takes to cricket!!

What was the last place you thought Chinese goods would enter??

I thought cricket ground would be it .... not in terms of sporting goods!! It was the players and coaches I had in mind. I shouldn't have underestimated Chinese factory line production system. TOI reports:

It's a model the Chinese have followed with manufacturing. Mass produce and steamroller. Now, Beijing wants to deploy it to storm one of the last remaining bastions of sports — cricket.
Imagine 150,000 Hans taking on Indian cricket team !!

Do we stand a chance?
Will this team be of standards of Chinese sportsmen or Chinese consumer goods??

Lets wait n watch!!!


B. Ramana said...

If The Chinese don't want to get wide off the mark, their organs will be hit for a six, and they will be clean bowled by the organ transplant Board of Control. So you can expect them to pitch in with a Chinese century, as their balls will be very appealing!

Amrita said...

why DONT the chinese play kirkit? They had the brits running loose over there.