Friday, June 08, 2007

Wit n Humor

Two friends, one 50 and the other 60, were arguing about the forthcoming marriage of the latter to a young lady in her 20's. "I don;t believe in these May-December marriages," disapproved the 50-year-old. "After all, December is going to find in May the freshness and beauty of spring-time, but whatever is May going to find in December?"

The bridegroom-to-be replied, "Christmas!"


  • People seldom think alike- until it comes to buying wedding presents.

Source: Reader's Digest Treasury of Wit and Humor.


Pegasus said...

love the gifts comment

Sree's Views said...

yeah :)) December is Santa !

prerna said...

It was funny.

thoughts of a blank mind said...

Reader's Digest never disappoints!!