Friday, June 05, 2009

Providing food with dignity

The calamity times can be really bad on a person's dignity. In these times when one is fighting against the nature to feed his/her family, keeping ones dignity intact is even tougher. How to accept the relief material, the food, clothes and medicines. If it was from govt, there would be a right to ask for it. But if it comes from foreign corners, how would someone feel while taking it. What to do if there is no other alternative available?

Mukti, NGO being supported by AID made the dilemma easier for the people affected by cyclone Aila. The next biggest danger people in these areas were facing was the disaster coming in form of high tide at the full moon night. The embankments to the river need urgent repair to avoid the destruction by high tide. At one hand people are dying of hunger, on the other hand the embankment won't be repaired because of lack of manpower. Since the paycheck from govt comes really late, its hard to motivate people to work while their family is dying of hunger. Mukti volunteers proposed to give food to the people who worked to repair the embankment. "Mukti motivated the villagers by providing snacks (breakfast) in the morning session and 2kg of rice and 200 grams Dal and 250 grams potato 100 grams of onion at the end of the day in addition to wages which they will get in time." This was a good enough motivator to feed their family and save their village while keeping their dignity intact. There were 450 people working on first day and 900 from second day onwards. The model is being appreciated by the govt officials and other NGOs and is being replicated in other villages too.

So end of the story is that even in middle of such devastation there are people working really hard and coming up with intelligent solution to odd problems.

Another news: A supporter have pledged to donate $1500 if AID can generate $5000 for cyclone aila relief fund. So go ahead and donate generously. Every $10 of yours will mean $13 to the needy people.

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