Thursday, June 25, 2009

Judicial system of two neighbours

Pakistan supreme court rejected review petition of Sarabjit Singh, an Indian citizen convicted for espionage and bomb blasts in various cities of Pakistan. The petition was rejected on the grounds that Sarabjit's lawyer was not present in the court for the procedings. (Link)

Contrary to this, in India the court will not prosecute Ajmal Kasab (a Pakistani citizen arrested for being responsible for the mumbai terrorist attacks) unless he had a lawyer to represent him. Even though everyone in the world saw Kasab live firing from his assault rifle at the commuters on VT station. This is a striking difference between the judicial system of the two neighbouring countries.

If Sarabjit Singh had a lawyer representing him in the court, the result might have been different. However, the court decided to reject his case because his lawyer deserted him. The judicial system has to be something better than this.

This should also be an eye opener for all the people who were lynching the lawyers agreeing to represent Ajmal Kasab, just to make sure that the trial moves forward. Also, the people who were against any trial for terrorism convicts and direct death sentence. We would never want our judicial system to reach those shallow levels. India has always been and should always provide proper legal assistance before trying any criminals. With proper working legal system we can solve these issues and earn respect in eyes of a common human being.


QB said...

Kasab's case is at the trial stage.
Sarabjit's case has been heard by the trial court in 1991, Lahore High Court in 1993, and the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2005 in appeal. A review petition was then filed in the Pakistan Supreme Court which was rejected.At those times he was represented by counsel.
He then applied to Musharraf for clemency which was also rejected.
This was another petition for review.

The situation cannot be compared to that of Kasab whose case is at trial stage.

Devy said...

In spite of what others may say, I think this is an eye-opener.

Pakistan News said...

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