Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are you the worst tourist in the world??

A survey among 15,000 European hoteliers says Indians are the most impolite. Why am I not not surprised at all. The way we Indians demand for the value of our hard earned money, no one in the hospitality business is going to be happy with us. But is it wrong to ask for the value of your money ( The true value in indian terms ).
Another point that Indian people like their own food and don't pay big bucks to restaurants for the mostly tasteless food. An Indian is a foodie by birth, same as citizen by birth. You can't force us to eat the food we don't want. Most of the travel operators provide tourist packages inclusive of Indian food. This brings more people in the tourism net. This also makes the hospitality people unhappy.

All in all, we might be impolite but still we are best among the developing world.


Sree's Views said...

asking ur money's worth is not being impolite...and most of the times..u dont ask...u dont get..esp in the hospitality industry.

Pegasus said...

when in rome be like the romans...

i hate people who go to a restaurant and other food of a totally different cuisine... like one day in a chineese restaurant somebody ordered a biryani.

secondly that report also talked about keeping the room dirty, yelling at the top of the voice, allowing kids to disturb other persons etc etc.

thoughts of a blank mind said...

what if i don't like to eat snakes or crabs or those long things which i can't handle!! My instinct in a restaurant usually is, I'll order the safest dish which I know about.

keeping the room dirty, am I not paying for the cleaning of the room. And I am not sharing it with anyone else that you should be worried. most of the rooms now a days are sound proof so no matter how much i yell it wont make any difference to anyone.

Its just giving back the value of the money!! we demand it more than others.

Pegasus said...

i would call that attitude indifference ... i was in Bangkok a couple of days ago.. and i was surprised the indians do not have even a basic courtesy to know the thai way of life... they just live in their own world

thoughts of a blank mind said...

@pegasus: depends if you want to try out the thai way of living or not, you cant include it in courtesy. Indians (mostly vegetarians) hesitate to try out different cuisine. and most of them don't like other cuisines because of lack of spices (same with me)!! thats the reason almost every part of the world has an Indian restaurant.